How to Breathe Life into a Boring Party

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Some parties can be extremely boring as they go contrary to how they were planned. Instead of the excitement and enjoyment that you would usually find in a party, it is reduced to a mere social gathering. A few clever twists and unusual turns can however bring back the jive.

How do you achieve that?

1. Set a theme.

This should be done while sending invites for the party. Another option could be making a spontaneous suggestion on a significantly crazy theme. This could of course become a lovely surprise leading to inactive or skeptical enthusiasm. People could also be allowed to suggest themes that have been successful. This ultimately puts everyone on their toes discussing crazy ideas for the party.

2. Make friends with like-minded people.

Look for more people that want a more happening party. Become friends with these guys. Ensure that you infect the party scene with your jokes, anecdotes and laughter. As you do this, you would experience the dull scene transform into excitement.

3. Pull out the kids.

Kids have a pretty infectious passion. They are natural entertainers. As soon as a group of excited kids do something unconventional, their parents would notice and start watching. This would of course draw the attention of more people. This might eventually turn into a peer group game or fuss that could considerably change the entire scene.

4. Host a “Crack a Joke” contest.

Many people can’t resist a good laugh or joke once it suits their taste. Hosting a “Crack a Joke” contest could do wonders to a dull scene. A few people with a good sense of humor and good joke-memory and storytelling skills could infect the crowd with their funny banter.

5. Change the music.

You can never have a party without music. A party without the right kind of music is quite common. The kind of people at a party should be assessed and the music changed to suit them.  It is totally normal for a young crowd could be perked up with some rock, pop, or hip-hop music. A crowd with older people would of course prefer melodious romance while a middle-aged gathering could go for soft-soothing numbers. An even older crowd wouldn’t mind instrumentals lulling the background while a mixed crowd could have a DJ judging the mood and playing music to fit into the mood. You could also get a music-loving friend to act as DJ to play song requests & dedications for all the guests.

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