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November 2015

Jacksonville FL Photo Booth

Jacksonville FL Photo Booth Rental

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A vital aspect of every occasion is creating precious memory. And since cameras are necessary for creating memories, why not rent a photo booth for your upcoming party or event? If you are organizing a school event, throwing a birthday party or a corporate event, you can then make sure to have tangible memories to see in the coming years once you let a photo booth installed somewhere attractive in your event’s place. Photo booth rentals can absolutely come up with any themes, props and images which you can enjoy and treasure.

Photo booth rentals have proven to be so useful in many ways. These include birthday parties which definitely need stands where friends and family members of the birthday celebrator can take some shots. Whether it is first birthday or a 50th one, a photo booth rental can be enjoyed. It can grant everyone’s wish to take some lasting pictures which they can take and keep in their photo albums at home.

In weddings, photo booth rentals are also greatly appreciated. Photo booths at weddings can let everyone have their candid shots. As many complain that weddings make it awkward to take candid shots which they may like, photo booths allow them to do and make faces the way they want it. A photo booth rental can actually work in your favor. It allows you to take any picture that will make certainly you happy and elated.

In corporate events, it is also a wise choice to get photo booths. A corporate marketer must realize that putting a free photo booth inside your event’s place is a great way to escalate your traffic, kindle conversation with prospects and produce a fuzzy feeling about your brand. In fact, once you have rented a good one, it can give you more than those. Modern photo booths these days also take advantage of technology to help you spread your message or brand and gather data from prospects. Some can even gather video testimonials regarding your brand or product. How do you like that?

For corporate events, ensure that photo booth rental has the capacity to put your message on photo strips. What more if the photo booth makes a postcard design with your brand at it? This is definitely the best way to go with your marketing.

In Jacksonville, Florida, Photo Booth Pixel is a dependable provider of photo booth rental. From weddings to engagements, birthdays, school events and corporate events, Photo Booth Pixel is one of today’s modern providers of photo booths with props for additional entertainment. You can choose from our range of packages which all come in very competitive prices. If any package does not meet your need, we are very much willing to customize the package for you.

Any request is possible. Just tell us what you want and we’ll provide. We are willing to be there anywhere you are in Jacksonville, Orange Park, St. Augustine, Fernandina, Amelia Island, Ponte Vedra, Daytona, and Orlando, Florida . To learn more about Photo Booth Pixel, give us a call at (904) 419-3029 or email