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Open-Air or Enclosed Photo Booth?

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In the past few months, a lot of people have approached me to make inquiries about our photo booth services. As I give answers to their questions, I realize that we are not on the same page as we are visualizing two completely different photo booths. This led to my writing a blog post to simplify the difference between an open-air photo booth and an enclosed photo booth.

Open-air photo booth or enclosed? This is the first question you may want to ask when you are throwing a party and you’re looking to hire a photo booth.

Enclosed Photo Booth

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The enclosed photo booth is the direct opposite of the open air photo booth. Our enclosed photo booth set-up consist of a white inflatable booth to enclose the photo area. The set-up for enclosed photo booth looks like an open air photo booth as it has a dslr camera and surface pro computer in a pod.  The enclosed photo booth however has more privacy but also requires large space as well. Our white LED enclosed booth is 8ft (length) x 8ft (width) x 8ft (height) and requires a minimum of 12ft (length) x 12ft (width) x 9ft (height). This fits 6-7 people perfectly.

Our open air photo booth has a dslr camera set-up and surface pro computer with an open backdrop. The printer is located either on a table or inside a pod. The open air photo booth set-up usually has various backdrops or use the venue as a backdrop. One of the options that we offer on open-air photo booth is the green screen background. This allows the user choose different types of digital backgrounds for their photo. This is quite technical but the photos can really be interesting if properly done.

Open-Air Photo Booth

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In addition, open air photo booth set-ups require a small amount of space in the venue. There is little or no privacy when you take the photo. The open-air booth requires a minimum of 10ft (length) x 10ft (width) x 8ft (height) and can fit 10 people.

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